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Buying a Home

Buying a home can be thrilling and financially rewarding - but it can also be very stressful. I am here to make sure you're looked after from the start to purchase. I will guide you through your entire home buying process to ensure you find your right home, at the best price and keep legally protected.

Step 1. Set Your Goals

Fully understanding your reasons for moving is essential to a smooth - and successful - move. We will work together to review all of your lifestyle needs and wants for your new neighbourhood and home. Perhaps you’re seeking a second bedroom, a shorter commute to work, a higher quality/more prestigious building, a neighbourhood with more activities or simply a fresh start.
I will listen carefully to what you say and ask the right questions. You can use the below Dream Home Wish List to get a good start.
Having a rough idea of our local market is useful at this stage. For the latest news feel free to follow my blog and Facebook page. You can use my innovative neighbourhood search pages to get a better idea of the types and value of homes in each neighbourhood. You can sign-up for a free Market Snapshot, an interactive tool that summarizes market conditions in easy to understand reports.
Visiting open houses will help you understand home values. We can tour neighbourhoods to ensure they match your expectations, which is especially useful for my out-of-town clients. My love for Vancouver and local real estate knowledge will well serve you.
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