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Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be thrilling and financially rewarding - but it can also be very stressful. I am here to make sure you're looked after from listing to completion. I will guide you through your entire home selling process to ensure you sell efficiently, at the best price and keep legally protected.

1. Evaluation and Preparation

I know how to successfully sell your home. My full service model means guiding you through your entire home selling process to get you the best price and conditions for your home, while limiting financial risk and making certain that you are legally protected. I will make the process as enjoyable as possible and with as little inconvenience.
I will provide you with a market assessment that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your home, along with current market conditions, recent sales and current listings, so that you may confidently select a pricing strategy to maximize your value. Do you price low to attract a competitive offer situation? Price at market to ensure you only work with motivated buyers? Or do you price high to leave yourself room to negotiate?
I will do a thorough, room-by-room assessment and offer recommendations to get your home showroom-ready so that it sells faster and for a better price. Preparing your home doesn't have to be a major project; often the most simple changes can have the biggest impact.

2. Aggressive Marketing

You and your home are unique. I will tailor my aggressive marketing program to ensure your home is widely publicized so we can attract buyers and get you the best price for your home. My second-to-none marketing materials coupled with my extensive marketing program ensure your home is showcased in the best light to the maximum number of buyers.
Throughout your selling process, I will closely track your customized marketing campaign, adjusting it as needed to respond to market changes.

3. Securing a Contract

Poorly written contracts can cost you money and cause the deal to fail. I will carefully review offers with you to ensure you understand the clauses and conditions. I will be your skilled negotiator in maximizing your sale price and preferred conditions. I know how to walk the fine line between being firm and alienating buyers. I find creative solutions to the challenges, but will not hesitate to tell you to walk away from an offer if it is not in your best interest.

4. Completion and Ongoing Support

Once you reach a deal, I will provide all required legal documentation to your legal representative and governmental bodies. I will meet the buyers on possession day, freeing you to focus on your successful move.
I work to earn life-long relationships with my clients. I want to be your ongoing real estate resource and welcome your questions even after you have completed your sale. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss how we can work together to sell your home.
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