Buying a condo during Covid-19 requires extra due diligence – tips for doing it right

As we progress through Covid-19, we’ll see sectors, including real estate, regain some strength until the issue is resolved (what will happen then is debatable). Everyone’s personal risk tolerance is different and valid so the right time for ...
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3 ways to confirm the size of the condo so you know what you’re buying

With concrete condos on the downtown peninsula generally selling for over $1000/sqft and some far above that, knowing the size of the condo you’re buying is important. As the BC real estate system is Buyer Beware, you must complete ...
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City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel – Contributing to our City’s livability

We can be proud that Vancouver often tops global livability surveys of developed cities. However, each declaration reenergizes the debate as to whether it’s truly cause for celebration given our high cost of living and other social issues. Every ...
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Strata insurance deductibles are changing – make sure you’re protected

Last updated March 9, 2020 Your Strata Corporation, the legal entity for your building, is required to carry insurance on the overall building. Your homeowner insurance must complement that insurance. Strata insurance: common building components; original items installed by the developer in ...
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How much condo selection is there in downtown Vancouver?

The graph in the blog header conveys the welcome news that we’re rebuilding condo inventory across the downtown peninsula. Overall, this means greater selection for buyers. Not shown in this dataset is that the price band up to $1.25m ...
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10+1 questions to ask to select the right Vancouver realtor

In transitioning from environmental consulting to real estate, I felt the dramatic drop in public opinion as if I had hit the hands-in-the-air moment on a roller coaster. A common path to realtor success has been to simply network, often ...
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8+ fun events happening in Vancouver

Something caught Scott’s and Alan’s attention outside the Polygon Gallery There’s always fun and interesting events happening in Vancouver. Below are some current and upcoming events. I hope this helps you enjoy exploring Vancouver. Eppich House II, ...
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7 events happening in Vancouver

There’re always fun and interesting events happening in Vancouver. I have a Facebook group to organize events for clients and friends and I thought I’d share with you some of the events that I find interesting. My interests ...
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Will the view from the condo last?

Vancouver is building upwards and, excitingly, a good number of the towers will be architecturally significant on the global stage. To accommodate these new towers, over the 10 years I’ve been a realtor, Developers have gone from mainly replacing old ...
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